Mickey Mouse Fabric Shower Curtain

I've been looking for Mickey Mouse fabric shower curtain products online, and while I've found shower curtains with the Mickey Mouse design, I haven't yet seen any fabric ones. The ones I've found are vinyl. Not that I have anything against vinyl shower curtains or anything like that, but I do tend to focus on fabric shower curtains. So again, I'll be talking about vinyl products here, not Mickey Mouse fabric shower curtains.

So, on to the Mickey Mouse shower curtains. Regarding the first product I saw, well, I have to say that it really injects quite a splash of color in any bathroom. In the middle of the shower curtain is a large graphic of Mickey Mouse, of course. He sort of has his back to the viewer, and his hands are clasped behind his back, and he has his head turned toward the viewer, his face bearing a large smile, of course. Mickey being Mickey, the predominant colors of this graphic are black (mostly Mickey), red (Mickey's pants and tongue), yellow (his shoes), and a sort of beige (for his face). Behind Mickey is a large circle, bordered by red, containing what appear to be grey white bathroom tiles (in keeping with this product being a shower curtain, I guess). The predominant background is a shade of light blue, with a texture that reminds me of light blue jeans. Scattered throughout that blue jean background are graphics such as a Mickey Mouse head outline, a star, a glove, and a letter M, all of which come in mostly red and yellow colors.

At the base of this Mickey Mouse shower curtain is a thick red stripe, which is bordered at its top by a stripe of blue. All along this red stripe, you find other Mickey Mouse related graphics such as his head outline, a glove, an M, and a star, over and over again, this time in the colors white, yellow and blue. At the top of the shower curtain, there appears to be a grey stripe, and there are holes there for where the rings which lock the shower curtain onto the shower rod are.

Well, it is what it is. I guess that if you're looking for a Mickey Mouse shower curtain, vinyl or fabric, that's the type of Disney design that tends to be used. I'm not a big fan of Mickey, by any stretch of the imagination, but perhaps young children might like this product, both because Mickey's there, and because of the bright and striking colors.

It's mentioned though that since this is a vinyl Mickey Mouse shower curtain, there will be a plastic seeming odor wafting from it, at least in the beginning, though it's said that this odor will fade over time. The descriptions adds that people who're sensitive to odors should consider getting a fabric shower curtain instead.

Now this is more like it. I'm looking at another Mickey Mouse shower curtain, but the aesthetic and the color of this one is quite different. This curtain is predominantly white grey. Not even a hint of red or yellow here at all. On the upper left, you have a graphic of Mickey who appears to be leaping toward the viewer, hands and head first. On the lower right is another graphic, I'm assuming it's Mickey Mouse but I can't be sure because I can't see that area of the curtain clearly. The Mickey Mouse graphics here are much more minimalist. Again, no color, but merely done in black and white, which is interesting. There are also light grey circles at the base of the shower curtain (I count three.), and perhaps more or other forms of texture in some areas near the top of the curtain.

So if your home, your bathroom, or your personal aesthetic tend to be more of a modern and/or minimalist one, but your kids are begging for a Mickey Mouse shower curtain, then this would probably be your choice.

So again, I wasn't quite able to find a Mickey Mouse fabric shower curtain product, or at least I haven't found one so far, but I did find two vinyl products, whose aesthetics are on nearly opposite ends of the spectrum.

Let me just talk a little bit though about the whole idea of a Mickey Mouse fabric shower curtain. Now, I can understand the appeal of that particular Disney character. After all, Mickey Mouse is one of the most recognizable cartoon characters around, especially perhaps for younger kids. He doesn't appear in films perhaps as much as he used to, but he's still on the the primary figures associated with Disney.

And aside from how well known Mickey is, there's also the way he's drawn. Lots of circles and round shapes there, and the colors used to draw him are pretty basic, mostly blacks and reds and yellows, colors which perhaps younger kids find most attractive.

So the idea behind having a Mickey Mouse shower curtain for a bathroom which'll be patronized mostly by smaller kids does make sense. Kids will have an idea of who that is on the curtain, and the figure is a safe and maybe even comforting one.

That said, Mickey Mouse is up against a lot of competition for kids' attention nowadays. Even back in the day actually, Disney's cartoons would have to go up against the likes of Looney Tunes, and Bugs Bunny, for example. Since then, however, there're quite a lot of other well known figures around. There's Barney, for example. That singing, dancing, purple dinosaur who likes to tell kids that they're loved, over and over again, on various shows and episodes. Back in the day, there also used to be more of Sesame Street, with Bert and Ernie, Big Bird, and the like. It doesn't seem to be in the limelight as much as it used to, but it seems that the Tickle Me Elmo doll still holds some kids' fascination. Then you have Blue of Blue's Clues fame, and the list goes on actually because you now have cartoons and interesting characters coming out of Nickelodeon and the Cartoon Network, among others.

So a Mickey Mouse fabric shower curtain would be interesting for a kid's bathroom, but now there're other choices as well.

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