Windy Meadow Fabric Shower Curtain

Was having a look earlier at the Windy Meadow fabric shower curtain. It looks rather good, I think. The first thing that struck me about the Windy Meadow fabric shower curtain is the fact that its design is very subtle. In fact, some parts of the design seem almost to fade into the material, which makes for an interesting effect.

Let me start at the top of the Windy Meadow fabric shower curtain. At the top of the curtain are a set of small holes. Basically, that's where the shower rings slip into in order to attach the curtain to the shower rod. Below the line of holes, there seems to be a bit of stitching, probably done in order to give that area a bit of strength. That makes absolute sense of course. That's where the shower curtain and the shower rod meet and attach to each other. That's the area which will be bearing the load of the repeated pulling of the shower curtain open and close. It's the place where all the weight of the material of the shower curtain is held up. So it really does have to be strong.

After all, it would be quite the surprise to be in the shower stall and find that all of a sudden, the shower curtain has ended up in the area where you're having your shower. In the case of places where people share a bathroom, the results of shower curtain and shower rod failure could end up even way more embarrassing.

Now, below the string of holes, the area is pretty much a shade of white. It isn't a very bright white, nowhere near to hurting the eyes blindingly white white. It's more of a dull white perhaps, but not dull in the sense that the shade is a dirty shade of white. It's more subdued, I guess.

Now, below the white area is where it actually gets rather interesting. There appear to be some graphics in the shape of stems and flowers. But the look of these graphics is less lush, and more dainty. You have long, long stems, and sometimes at the end of these stems, you have multiple stems branching out. And then these smaller stems lead to a set of flowers of various colors. I see red, yellow, and blue among others. These flowers are very small though. Not roses, not tulips. In fact, these flowers look to be almost small splotches of color.

Now, the interesting thing here also is that some of these flowers appear to be richer in color, and more there, more vibrant, as if they're in the foreground. In the background, however, you have many similar graphics, lots of them, but this time the colors are more subdued, more diluted, as if these flowers are more in the background, or more off in the distance. So what you end up with is a set of flowers, which looks to have some depth, making the surface of the shower curtain feel less flat, and more interesting as a whole.

Then below the area where there are these flowers, there is a bottom layer to the shower curtain which is mostly a deep brown. There is a line separating the white from the deep brown, the line is of a certain thickness, and is more of a gray brown, while running through the gray brown strip is a repeating pattern in the form of a line running through its middle, but where this pattern is more of a darker brown color.

Below that strip of brown, is a thicker brown layer where the background color is a bit more of a brighter, more lustrous brown, while there is a pattern again here of stems and flowers, but here, the stems and flowers are completely white.

I like this Windy Meadow fabric shower curtain. It does have a bit of that meadow feel, where there are flowers which are rather small, scattered around the shower curtain, of different colors, and in different positions and of various shapes. And the way that the patterns and graphics are positioned and the way they have particular colors, these do give the impression of subtle movement, which I guess is where the Windy in Windy Meadow comes in.

This item has a very clean look to it. There's a lot going on, but it doesn't feel busy. It feels subdued, and even a bit elegant, but in a natural kind of way. I rather like the idea as well of a nature theme to a shower curtain because I feel that the theme of nature goes very well with the idea of moving water. The sound of water, the feel of water, the idea of water, all these seem to work rather well with the idea of grass, and trees, and branches, and flowers. I have a feeling that if I were in the shower stall, taking a bath, it would be a bit refreshing to catch a glimpse of the patterns on the shower curtain. The fact that there's a lot of white there also just makes it feel quite clean. At the same time though, I usually find myself worrying a bit when a shower curtain comes with a lot of white because it seems that there's a greater chance that all the white might end up eventually dirty.

I also like the design idea where some of the flowers have a more normal color, while other flowers have a more diluted color, creating the illusion of foreground and background, as well as depth. Or it also creates the idea that some of the flowers perhaps are behind the fabric of the shower curtain, as opposed to the front. I can imagine that this idea could be used in other shower curtains to create more of a feel of depth, making the look of the design more interesting to look at. And this would work especially on shower curtains I feel which have a lot of white in the design. That way, it seems as if the pattern is showing through from the other side. So that's what entered my mind when I saw this Windy Meadow fabric shower curtain.