Asian Inspirations Fabric Shower Curtain

Let me talk a little bit about the Asian Inspirations fabric shower curtain. The Asian Inspirations fabric shower curtain is a rather simple piece of bathroom fabric. The curtain itself is quite straightforward.

The Asian Inspirations fabric shower curtain has as its background color, more or less the color white, not a bright white, more of a subdued tone. So the shower curtain is mostly white. At the top of it runs a white strip, which is studded with the holes which will allow the curtain to attach to the shower rings, and through that, the shower rod. That strip with the holes, while also white, is of a different shade of white compared to the rest of the surface area. While most of the shower curtain is a fairly subdued white, the horizontal strip at the top is a bit of a brighter color, which allows that area to be separated visually from the rest of the curtain.

The rest of the shower curtain really is mostly one color. And then, in the form of a sort of grid, there are squares throughout the surface of the curtain. These squares are of a rather dark grey color. The squares themselves are not made of solid unbroken lines. Instead, the lines which make up these dark grey squares appear to be composed of dark grey squares which are arranged one after another, either horizontally or vertically. And when these small dark grey squares are arranged in that particular way, from afar, it looks like you have a dark grey larger rectangle. So actually, I made a mistake, these larger patterns aren't squares but are actually rectangles, made up of arrangements of smaller squares.

So you have these dark grey rectangles. And you have several of these running horizontally and vertically throughout the shower curtain. These rectangles are aligned with one another, so there's a sense that there's an invisible grid underpinning the entire design. Again, this more or less results in quite a subdued and simple, and somewhat minimalistic overall design. That said, each rectangle contains a design feature. And this is where the Asian part of Asian Inspirations comes in.

In black, and in some rather thin lines, each rectangle contains a piece of Asian calligraphy. The official description of this shower curtain says that these are Asian symbols. I'm not quite sure if these are Chinese or Japanese characters, or maybe something else entirely. But within each dark grey rectangle, you have one of these symbols. And under that symbol, there's an English word, which appears to be the English translation for the Asian symbol. Some of the words represented are love and tranquility. The idea here is to create a bit of a zen feeling, with the overall design

All in all, I more or less like the Asian Inspirations shower curtain. I can get behind the idea of something simple and minimalistic. I like the idea of the Asian theme as well. The design was carried out fairly well. All in all, there's not really much for me to complain about here.

So if you have a bathroom which is somewhat Asian inspired as well, then this shower curtain could very well go with it. Then again, that would depend also on the look of your Asian inspired bathroom. If it's the type of Asian inspiration which is more red, and rich, and lush, then this shower curtain might very well look somewhat out of place, and maybe a little bit underwhelming. But if your bathroom is Asian inspired more in the sense that you keep it clean, and minimalistic, and subdued, with a bit of an Asian sense, then this shower curtain may very well work out alright.

I'm not quite sure if this shower curtain would work out well in a more hotel type setting. The curtain itself looks alright, but I'm thinking it may not have enough of a look to it to suffice when you have a hotel which wants to impress guests who are staying there.

Looking at the curtain some more though, I'm thinking that maybe the design is a little too simple. Perhaps a little bit more detail could have been added, in order to make the shower curtain look more interesting overall. Maybe the rectangles could have been made up of something more intricate, as opposed to just the dark grey squares which make it up given the current design. And maybe the font for the English translated word could have been tweaked since I get the sense that maybe some other font might have done a better job for this curtain.

Then again, who knows? Maybe the current design would look great in a particular setting, or a particular bathroom, or in a particular light. It's just that from what I see, the more I look at this product, I find myself thinking that if you're look for an Asian Inspirations fabric shower curtain, then maybe you can find some other product which would do a better job.

I do like the idea of the use of Asian symbols though. I'm thinking that design unit could be used in other shower curtains, in other ways. Maybe if the Asian symbols were to be given some color, or used in a different size. Maybe fewer, bigger symbols. Or smaller but more numerous symbols. There's a lot of room here for other ideas, just with the Asian symbols alone.

So that's what I think so far about this particular shower curtain. It's not bad at all, and I like the clean, minimalist, look and design to this curtain. I also like the idea of using some Asian inspired design elements. That said, I think it could have turned out better than it eventually did. Maybe some tweaking might have helped. Maybe a font change. And while this shower curtain won't necessarily work well in every bathroom out there, I can imagine that it might work well in at least some houses. So again, that's the Asian Inspirations fabric shower curtain for you.

Windy Meadow Fabric Shower Curtain

Was having a look earlier at the Windy Meadow fabric shower curtain. It looks rather good, I think. The first thing that struck me about the Windy Meadow fabric shower curtain is the fact that its design is very subtle. In fact, some parts of the design seem almost to fade into the material, which makes for an interesting effect.

Let me start at the top of the Windy Meadow fabric shower curtain. At the top of the curtain are a set of small holes. Basically, that's where the shower rings slip into in order to attach the curtain to the shower rod. Below the line of holes, there seems to be a bit of stitching, probably done in order to give that area a bit of strength. That makes absolute sense of course. That's where the shower curtain and the shower rod meet and attach to each other. That's the area which will be bearing the load of the repeated pulling of the shower curtain open and close. It's the place where all the weight of the material of the shower curtain is held up. So it really does have to be strong.

After all, it would be quite the surprise to be in the shower stall and find that all of a sudden, the shower curtain has ended up in the area where you're having your shower. In the case of places where people share a bathroom, the results of shower curtain and shower rod failure could end up even way more embarrassing.

Now, below the string of holes, the area is pretty much a shade of white. It isn't a very bright white, nowhere near to hurting the eyes blindingly white white. It's more of a dull white perhaps, but not dull in the sense that the shade is a dirty shade of white. It's more subdued, I guess.

Now, below the white area is where it actually gets rather interesting. There appear to be some graphics in the shape of stems and flowers. But the look of these graphics is less lush, and more dainty. You have long, long stems, and sometimes at the end of these stems, you have multiple stems branching out. And then these smaller stems lead to a set of flowers of various colors. I see red, yellow, and blue among others. These flowers are very small though. Not roses, not tulips. In fact, these flowers look to be almost small splotches of color.

Now, the interesting thing here also is that some of these flowers appear to be richer in color, and more there, more vibrant, as if they're in the foreground. In the background, however, you have many similar graphics, lots of them, but this time the colors are more subdued, more diluted, as if these flowers are more in the background, or more off in the distance. So what you end up with is a set of flowers, which looks to have some depth, making the surface of the shower curtain feel less flat, and more interesting as a whole.

Then below the area where there are these flowers, there is a bottom layer to the shower curtain which is mostly a deep brown. There is a line separating the white from the deep brown, the line is of a certain thickness, and is more of a gray brown, while running through the gray brown strip is a repeating pattern in the form of a line running through its middle, but where this pattern is more of a darker brown color.

Below that strip of brown, is a thicker brown layer where the background color is a bit more of a brighter, more lustrous brown, while there is a pattern again here of stems and flowers, but here, the stems and flowers are completely white.

I like this Windy Meadow fabric shower curtain. It does have a bit of that meadow feel, where there are flowers which are rather small, scattered around the shower curtain, of different colors, and in different positions and of various shapes. And the way that the patterns and graphics are positioned and the way they have particular colors, these do give the impression of subtle movement, which I guess is where the Windy in Windy Meadow comes in.

This item has a very clean look to it. There's a lot going on, but it doesn't feel busy. It feels subdued, and even a bit elegant, but in a natural kind of way. I rather like the idea as well of a nature theme to a shower curtain because I feel that the theme of nature goes very well with the idea of moving water. The sound of water, the feel of water, the idea of water, all these seem to work rather well with the idea of grass, and trees, and branches, and flowers. I have a feeling that if I were in the shower stall, taking a bath, it would be a bit refreshing to catch a glimpse of the patterns on the shower curtain. The fact that there's a lot of white there also just makes it feel quite clean. At the same time though, I usually find myself worrying a bit when a shower curtain comes with a lot of white because it seems that there's a greater chance that all the white might end up eventually dirty.

I also like the design idea where some of the flowers have a more normal color, while other flowers have a more diluted color, creating the illusion of foreground and background, as well as depth. Or it also creates the idea that some of the flowers perhaps are behind the fabric of the shower curtain, as opposed to the front. I can imagine that this idea could be used in other shower curtains to create more of a feel of depth, making the look of the design more interesting to look at. And this would work especially on shower curtains I feel which have a lot of white in the design. That way, it seems as if the pattern is showing through from the other side. So that's what entered my mind when I saw this Windy Meadow fabric shower curtain.

Fabric Shower Curtain by Roxy

I was online earlier today, and I came across something called a Coconut Floral fabric shower curtain by Roxy. Sounded pretty interesting. Not just any fabric shower curtain, but a Coconut Floral fabric shower curtain by Roxy. The whole coconut floral thing made me think.

This fabric shower curtain by Roxy, was it covered by coconuts? Or flowers? Do coconut trees have flowers? What does these flowers look like? I mean, I’ve seen coconuts. And I’ve seen coconut trees. But I can’t ever remember seeing flowers on these trees. I mean, they have those palm leaves or fronds, but not a coconut flower at all.

So I tried to take a closer look at the curtain. I learned that it’s actually made of 100% cotton. Interesting. So I’m thinking, does that mean that the shower curtain breathes? Sort of how cotton shirts allow for more breathing compared to some other fabrics? But if it breathes, does that affect the ability of the shower curtain to repel water? It sounds interesting though. I like the idea of having a shower curtain that’s completely impermeable to water so that I don’t have to worry, while I’m in the shower, about water getting out of the shower area, drenching the rest of the bathroom. But at the same time, I kind of like the idea of a shower area that’s not completely cut off from the ventilation outside. It can get pretty stuff after all sometimes. And anyway, there’s always the possibility of having a shower curtain lining on the inside of the shower curtain, and with a liner which completely repels water, then there isn’t as much of a need to worry about whether the shower curtain is completely waterproof. The liner pretty much takes care of the water. And that way, when it comes to the shower curtain, all I’ll have to think of is how it looks on the outside, and how it makes the bathroom look.

It’s mentioned that it’s okay to machine wash this curtain, which I think is cool. Much more convenient. It pretty much allows simply dumping the shower curtain into the washing machine, letting the machine take care of it, drying the sucker, then having it available again to put up in the bathroom. Again, it’s convenient, which is something that’s important to me.

Got to see a picture of the Roxy fabric shower curtain, which was interesting. At the very top of the shower curtain are the holes where the rings go in order to attach the curtain to the shower rod. Then near the top of the curtain is one layer which looks like some sort of pattern. The predominant color is something that looks like brown. The pattern itself looks fairly simple and geometrical. It looks like a lot of squares, reminds me a bit of graphing paper, except instead of green lines, the lines are more of a rustic red brown. And then, inside of each square, there appears to be something that looks like a circle, and it’s also the same color as the rest of the lines. Rustic red brown or something like that. So that’s the top area of the curtain. From the picture, it looks like there’re three layers to the curtain, or at least three layers can be seen in the image that I saw on a website online.

And then, at the bottom of the top layer, right above the second layer, there appear to be several brown circles. By brown, I mean, dark brown, almost black even, but not quite there. These dark brown circles form a single line, spaced out at distances almost the same as the holes at the top where the rings for the shower rod rings go.

Then there’s the second layer from the top. This layer is wider than the one at the top, and the predominant color is red, not quite bright red, and not quite dark red. It makes me think more of a rustic red, not shiny at all. It made me think of strawberries for a moment, but now I realize that strawberry red is brighter than the one on the shower curtain. So again, the background color for this particular layer is that shade of red. And in the foreground, there’s a pattern or graphics which show flowers, and what I assume are coconuts. But I really don’t see much coconut imagery here, or it just tends to get subsumed in all the other imagery’s flowers and leaves. These images appear to be almost black and white. So there aren’t any colorful flowers here, no green leaves. It’s basically more or less line art following the design of coconuts and flowers and leaves, all imprinted with the red color in the background. That said, there’s quite a lot of this line art in that layer of the shower curtain. It’s not a question of having a few flowers and leaves and coconuts surrounded by wide areas of red. Instead, it’s the line art which predominates.

At the bottom of this second layer, there’s a solid line, which looks about black, which separates it from the third lower layer of the shower curtain below.

Finally, there’s the third layer. It’s clearly the widest one, and from the picture I’ve seen, it seems that it runs all the way to the bottom of the shower curtain. The third layer is actually very similar to the second. Lots and lots of line art depicting coconuts and flowers and leaves. The line art done in what looks like black and white. The only difference here is that, where in the second layer, there was a striking use of red as the background color, in the third layer, there is no red, so the background color is the same light color used in the line art which covers this layer. My feeling is that, if a person were some distance from the shower curtain, what he or she would see would me more the sense of texture and lines, as opposed to making out actual coconuts.

All in all, this makes for an interesting fabric shower curtain product. There’s a lot going on, and if you’re into that, then great. Other people might find that the curtain is somewhat busy, but then again, from a distance, these layers resolve themselves more into texture so the shower curtain might not seem so busy in that context. Well, that’s it for now. Thank you for checking out this post about the coconut floral fabric shower curtain by Roxy.

Mickey Mouse Fabric Shower Curtain

I've been looking for Mickey Mouse fabric shower curtain products online, and while I've found shower curtains with the Mickey Mouse design, I haven't yet seen any fabric ones. The ones I've found are vinyl. Not that I have anything against vinyl shower curtains or anything like that, but I do tend to focus on fabric shower curtains. So again, I'll be talking about vinyl products here, not Mickey Mouse fabric shower curtains.

So, on to the Mickey Mouse shower curtains. Regarding the first product I saw, well, I have to say that it really injects quite a splash of color in any bathroom. In the middle of the shower curtain is a large graphic of Mickey Mouse, of course. He sort of has his back to the viewer, and his hands are clasped behind his back, and he has his head turned toward the viewer, his face bearing a large smile, of course. Mickey being Mickey, the predominant colors of this graphic are black (mostly Mickey), red (Mickey's pants and tongue), yellow (his shoes), and a sort of beige (for his face). Behind Mickey is a large circle, bordered by red, containing what appear to be grey white bathroom tiles (in keeping with this product being a shower curtain, I guess). The predominant background is a shade of light blue, with a texture that reminds me of light blue jeans. Scattered throughout that blue jean background are graphics such as a Mickey Mouse head outline, a star, a glove, and a letter M, all of which come in mostly red and yellow colors.

At the base of this Mickey Mouse shower curtain is a thick red stripe, which is bordered at its top by a stripe of blue. All along this red stripe, you find other Mickey Mouse related graphics such as his head outline, a glove, an M, and a star, over and over again, this time in the colors white, yellow and blue. At the top of the shower curtain, there appears to be a grey stripe, and there are holes there for where the rings which lock the shower curtain onto the shower rod are.

Well, it is what it is. I guess that if you're looking for a Mickey Mouse shower curtain, vinyl or fabric, that's the type of Disney design that tends to be used. I'm not a big fan of Mickey, by any stretch of the imagination, but perhaps young children might like this product, both because Mickey's there, and because of the bright and striking colors.

It's mentioned though that since this is a vinyl Mickey Mouse shower curtain, there will be a plastic seeming odor wafting from it, at least in the beginning, though it's said that this odor will fade over time. The descriptions adds that people who're sensitive to odors should consider getting a fabric shower curtain instead.

Now this is more like it. I'm looking at another Mickey Mouse shower curtain, but the aesthetic and the color of this one is quite different. This curtain is predominantly white grey. Not even a hint of red or yellow here at all. On the upper left, you have a graphic of Mickey who appears to be leaping toward the viewer, hands and head first. On the lower right is another graphic, I'm assuming it's Mickey Mouse but I can't be sure because I can't see that area of the curtain clearly. The Mickey Mouse graphics here are much more minimalist. Again, no color, but merely done in black and white, which is interesting. There are also light grey circles at the base of the shower curtain (I count three.), and perhaps more or other forms of texture in some areas near the top of the curtain.

So if your home, your bathroom, or your personal aesthetic tend to be more of a modern and/or minimalist one, but your kids are begging for a Mickey Mouse shower curtain, then this would probably be your choice.

So again, I wasn't quite able to find a Mickey Mouse fabric shower curtain product, or at least I haven't found one so far, but I did find two vinyl products, whose aesthetics are on nearly opposite ends of the spectrum.

Let me just talk a little bit though about the whole idea of a Mickey Mouse fabric shower curtain. Now, I can understand the appeal of that particular Disney character. After all, Mickey Mouse is one of the most recognizable cartoon characters around, especially perhaps for younger kids. He doesn't appear in films perhaps as much as he used to, but he's still on the the primary figures associated with Disney.

And aside from how well known Mickey is, there's also the way he's drawn. Lots of circles and round shapes there, and the colors used to draw him are pretty basic, mostly blacks and reds and yellows, colors which perhaps younger kids find most attractive.

So the idea behind having a Mickey Mouse shower curtain for a bathroom which'll be patronized mostly by smaller kids does make sense. Kids will have an idea of who that is on the curtain, and the figure is a safe and maybe even comforting one.

That said, Mickey Mouse is up against a lot of competition for kids' attention nowadays. Even back in the day actually, Disney's cartoons would have to go up against the likes of Looney Tunes, and Bugs Bunny, for example. Since then, however, there're quite a lot of other well known figures around. There's Barney, for example. That singing, dancing, purple dinosaur who likes to tell kids that they're loved, over and over again, on various shows and episodes. Back in the day, there also used to be more of Sesame Street, with Bert and Ernie, Big Bird, and the like. It doesn't seem to be in the limelight as much as it used to, but it seems that the Tickle Me Elmo doll still holds some kids' fascination. Then you have Blue of Blue's Clues fame, and the list goes on actually because you now have cartoons and interesting characters coming out of Nickelodeon and the Cartoon Network, among others.

So a Mickey Mouse fabric shower curtain would be interesting for a kid's bathroom, but now there're other choices as well.

Viewtop Fabric Shower Curtain

Am now taking a look at the Viewtop fabric shower curtain. The viewtop name is rather intriguing since it makes me think of views and scenery, and in fact it does appear that the Viewtop fabric shower curtain was called that precisely because it does, in a way, offer a bit of a view. But before I go into that, let me talk about the shower curtain in general.

I'm looking at a picture of the Viewtop fabric shower curtain right now. I'm looking at the white version right now, and really the color white pretty much applies to the entire shower curtain. From top to bottom, you won't find even a hint of another color, or a stripe, or a pattern, or some other form of design. When this product is identified as white, that pretty much is the color you'll end up with. I'm not sure how this works for the other color versions of this product, not having seen samples. But I'm assuming that you get pretty much the same or similar aesthetic. If it's identified as a certain color of shower curtain, then that'll probably be the only color you'll see.

I have my concerns though about the color white, rather general in nature. Mostly I wonder how difficult this item will be to keep clean over time. After all, there'll be soap and shampoo suds hitting the shower curtain, probably leaving residue. All sorts of other sources of discoloration exist. Maybe after some time, this product won't quite be as white as when it first came out. So I'm thinking that maybe a shower curtain in a darker color would be more convenient, at least from a maintenance point of view. From an aesthetic point of view though, white really is lovely. It's clean, simple, light, even airy. And that takes me to the part about this shower curtain that the Viewtop label emphasizes.

Running near the top of the Viewpoint fabric shower curtain, there is a wide horizontal stripe that isn't made of the rest of material as the rest of the item. Instead, you end up with something that is transparent, sort of like plastic or cellophane, but presumably thicker and more durable. So that's what this shower curtain tries to do differently. That transparent area is high enough, so that whoever will be behind the curtain won't have to worry about privacy issues (unless of course the person outside's really, really tall), and yet at the same time, ideally, that transparent portion will allow more light to flow into the bath area. And if there're windows near that area, then you could even have some natural light making its way to you, while you shower, or hang around in the bathtub.

And it's an interesting idea. The kind of idea that makes this product stand out in my mind at least. A shower curtain which allows more natural light into a usually relatively darker space makes sense to me.

Just a few more things about the Viewtop fabric shower curtain. In the picture I'm looking at, this shower curtain is hookless. What this means is that, at the top of the item are holes, where you thread the shower rod through, the idea I guess being that this is more convenient since it takes away the need to fiddle with some way to attach the shower curtain to the shower rod. Greater ease of installation it seems. The description also adds that there's no need to remove the shower rod, in order to hang this curtain, which seems even more convenient to me, but I can't tell from the picture how that works.

All in all, this Viewtop fabric shower curtain looks pretty good to me.

I especially like the main premise behind the Viewtop fabric shower curtain. The idea that a shower curtain doesn't need to be completely opaque all throughout its surface in order for it to be able to do its job. In the case of this product, a portion of the shower curtain was made transparent at the top, but this was done so for a particular reason. It allows for more light to enter the shower stall, yes, and for taller people, it gives them more of a chance to take a peek at what's going on outside, if any.

The idea behind this can be used in other ways, I think. For example, it might be possible to have a shower curtain where the area which is transparent isn't found at the top, but at the bottom. You could basically have a sort of strip of transparent material running along the lower layer of the shower curtain. And this could serve a pretty useful purpose as well. Not so much if you're in the shower stall, though, but more if you're outside it.

Let's say you enter the bathroom and you're planning to brush your teeth. At the time you enter, the shower curtain is drawn closed. Now if you're a bit paranoid, you might be wondering if maybe there might be someone hiding behind that shower curtain. But then, if there is someone hiding there, you don't want to have to pull open the shower curtain because then you're right within grabbing distance. So a transparent strip at the bottom of the shower curtain would be great for this purpose. It'll allow you to take a quick peek, check for feet, that sort of thing, and if you verify that things are all clear, then you can go back to brushing your teeth in peace, and with a feeling of security and privacy.

At the same time, the strip whether it ends up running along the top or the bottom of the shower curtain, doesn't need to be transparent at all. Of course, if it were transparent, it would be easier for light to go through it, and for someone to look through as well. That said, if there are privacy concerns, then it would be possible to have something translucent instead, so that you sort of have an idea of something behind the layer, and light can sort of but not fully shine through, so there is still some of that benefit.

Again, I think the idea behind the Viewtop fabric shower curtain does show some promise.

West End Fabric Shower Curtain

The first type of product I'll look at is the West End fabric shower curtain. Now, first of all, the West End fabric shower curtain is produced by the company Nautica. The colors found on this shower curtain are ice blue, sand, and brown.

Now the West End fabric shower curtain is described as sleek, modern and sophisticated, and I have to say that I agree with those words. Usually I'm not a big fan of colors with all sorts of names which are supposed to lend a certain sophisticated air to the object being described, but in relation to this particular shower curtain, ice blue really is right. It's a particular shade of blue which, when I look at it, does give me the sense of something cool and refreshing. It's on the light side, not too heavy, just right. I'm not as sure about calling the other colors sand and brown because, well, to me sand is really just light brown. Anyway, when I look at the picture of this shower curtain, it looks like the shower curtain basically has two main sets of alternating vertical stripes, one in ice blue, and the other, I'm assuming in sand (since the brown is pretty light).

It looks like the brown on the West End fabric shower curtain comes into play in the form of a pair of thin dark brown stripes which run down the areas where the predominant background color is the ice blue.

And the overall effect looking at this product really is a light, cool feeling. True, it does seem to lean more heavily on the modern side, but I think this particular shower curtain wouldn't look too bad in a kid's bathroom either. I like the simple look of this shower curtain. No prints, no patterns, just lines and light color.

I'm sure I wouldn't mind having a West End fabric shower curtain over in my bathroom.

I was taking a look at a picture of this West End fabric shower curtain again, and I find that my eye is drawn to the ice blue color of this product. There's just something about that shade of blue which makes me feel all cool and relaxed, and it's quite a refreshing change, especially since sometimes the days can seem so hot.

The name of that shade of blue for the shower curtain really is appropriate. Ice blue, that's just an excellent name right there. It does somehow make me think of ice. Looking at the shower curtain reminds me a bit of what it's like to be experiencing a hot day, where the sun is shining brightly outside, the sky is cloudless so there's nothing to stop the sun's rays from hitting everything not in the shade, and the soil is parched, the asphalt looks like it's getting soft, there's a shimmering in the air because of the heat.

Outside, dogs are lying down, with their tongues hanging out. Grass is dry and getting a bit brown. People are either indoors, or seeking relief by fanning themselves, or maybe kids are running under sprinklers.

And then, in the middle of all that heat, you go inside your house where it's a little bit cooler. You make your way to the kitchen, you open the door and feel the cold air wafting out, the chill eagerly accepted by the pores on your dry skin. And then you reach in and grab an ice tray in order to prepare a pitcher of lemonade.

That's what I think when I hear the words, ice blue, and that's a little bit of what I feel when I find myself looking at the picture of this shower curtain.

Of course, a lot of this imagery might not be all that applicable in the context of a shower stall and a shower curtain. After all, even if this West End shower curtain's mostly ice blue in color, if you're inside the shower stall having yourself a long, warm shower after a long and tiring day, then cold, chill, and ice just aren't words that you'll be looking for to describe what you want to experience. You'll want a warm shower for an aching body so in that context, the ice blue of the shower curtain maybe won't quite make its mark, or be appreciated as much.

At the same time, when you wake up in the early morning, and you feel like you're freezing, a warm shower'll be what you're looking for as well. No cold shower for you. No having to shiver in the shower stall while cold water hits you, no feeling of having your joints lock up when the cold water douses your body. That wouldn't be quite a comfortable experience at all, so again, in that context, ice blue on a shower curtain maybe just won't cut it either, or at least will mostly be ignored.

But then again, that's also one of the nice things about this product. If you're into its color, or if you're just in the mood to appreciate the design, then that's fine, go ahead and do so. But if you're not at all in the mood, or if your mind is preoccupied by something else, then that's fine as well. No problem. There's nothing about this shower curtain that screams out to the world, asking you to take note of it or notice it. The design isn't garish or bold or loud in any way at all. In fact, it's more of a subdued design, with subdued lines and patterns, and a subdued color palette. So while it can loom large in your mind at times, it's also very much capable of blending into the background of your bathroom area.

So in that sense, this type of product can work for different types of people. It's flexible in that way, so it's not a product that falls into any particular type of user niche. Just about everyone can use and enjoy using this West End fabric shower curtain, I think.

About this Fabric Shower Curtain blog

I feel that choosing your fabric shower curtain is an important choice for several reasons. Since I thought I'd enjoy looking at the different kinds of fabric shower curtains available online anyway, then I thought I may as well try to write about what I find out.

The choice of the fabric shower curtain is important, I believe, because to me the bathroom is one of the most important places in the house. I mean, you use it everyday. You brush your teeth. You shave. You use the toilet. And many people choose to shower everyday. So the way your bathroom looks matters. After all, it's one of the first places that people go to first thing in the morning, so if your bathroom feels sloppy or uninviting or not very nice to look at, then I'm pretty sure that won't really help your mood. Not that I'm saying it'll hurt your mood or anything. But I really do feel that having a not very nice bathroom to look at on a daily basis, when you start your day just doesn't help.

And the shower curtain, whether it's a fabric shower curtain or some other type is a big part of the look of the bathroom. It takes up a lot of space when it's fully extended. And when you're in the shower or tub, it's probably the only piece of fabric that you can see. So this one piece has a pretty significant effect all on its own, so that why I thought it would be interesting to put some thought into my own shower curtain, and in the process look up the various shower curtains available online.

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About Privacy

This blog has respect for your privacy and I am committed to protecting each reader's privacy while at this site. The following elucidates on how I gather and disseminate data for this site.

Regarding RSS Feeds and Updates via Email

If a person chooses to subscribe to my RSS Feeds or Email Updates, this website asks for contact information such as name and email address. Persons may opt-out of these services at any time. A person's personal information will never be sold or transferred to third parties. A reader will never receive spam from me.

About Log Files & Statistics

Like most blogging platforms, this website uses log files, in this case Statcounter. Statcounter stores information such as IP addresses, type of browser, internet service provider, referring, exit and visited pages, platform used, time stamp, the user’s movement in the website, and gathers broad demographic information for aggregate use. Internet protocol addresses, et cetera, are not linked to personally identifiable information.

On Cookies

A cookie is a piece of data stored on the user’s computer linked to information about the person. This weblog does not use cookies. However, some of this blog's business partners use cookies on this site (for example - advertisers). This blog can't access or control these once advertisers have set them.

On Links

This website has links to other sites. Please be aware that this website is not responsible for the practices relating to privacy of these other websites. I urge that my readers be familiar with this when they exit this blog and to study the privacy statements of every site that collects personally identifiable information. This statement on privacy applies only to data gathered by this weblog.

On Advertisers

I use outside advertising firms to serve advertisements on this site. These advertisements could contain cookies and are collected by the advertising companies and this blog does not have access to this information. This blog works with the following ad firms: Google Adsense. Kindly study the advertisers' sites for specific privacy policies.

Regarding Contact Information

If you have any questions or concerns, kindly contact the author by leaving a comment on this site. This policy on privacy was updated January 2010.