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I feel that choosing your fabric shower curtain is an important choice for several reasons. Since I thought I'd enjoy looking at the different kinds of fabric shower curtains available online anyway, then I thought I may as well try to write about what I find out.

The choice of the fabric shower curtain is important, I believe, because to me the bathroom is one of the most important places in the house. I mean, you use it everyday. You brush your teeth. You shave. You use the toilet. And many people choose to shower everyday. So the way your bathroom looks matters. After all, it's one of the first places that people go to first thing in the morning, so if your bathroom feels sloppy or uninviting or not very nice to look at, then I'm pretty sure that won't really help your mood. Not that I'm saying it'll hurt your mood or anything. But I really do feel that having a not very nice bathroom to look at on a daily basis, when you start your day just doesn't help.

And the shower curtain, whether it's a fabric shower curtain or some other type is a big part of the look of the bathroom. It takes up a lot of space when it's fully extended. And when you're in the shower or tub, it's probably the only piece of fabric that you can see. So this one piece has a pretty significant effect all on its own, so that why I thought it would be interesting to put some thought into my own shower curtain, and in the process look up the various shower curtains available online.

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  1. Like you I feel that shower curtains are often a wasted opportunity in terms of creating an atmospheric mood for showering. After all we want to have a relaxing time in the shower whether it is in the morning before work or preparing for a good night's sleep. The patterns or pictures on your shower curtain can certainly help to create this relaxing mood.