Viewtop Fabric Shower Curtain

Am now taking a look at the Viewtop fabric shower curtain. The viewtop name is rather intriguing since it makes me think of views and scenery, and in fact it does appear that the Viewtop fabric shower curtain was called that precisely because it does, in a way, offer a bit of a view. But before I go into that, let me talk about the shower curtain in general.

I'm looking at a picture of the Viewtop fabric shower curtain right now. I'm looking at the white version right now, and really the color white pretty much applies to the entire shower curtain. From top to bottom, you won't find even a hint of another color, or a stripe, or a pattern, or some other form of design. When this product is identified as white, that pretty much is the color you'll end up with. I'm not sure how this works for the other color versions of this product, not having seen samples. But I'm assuming that you get pretty much the same or similar aesthetic. If it's identified as a certain color of shower curtain, then that'll probably be the only color you'll see.

I have my concerns though about the color white, rather general in nature. Mostly I wonder how difficult this item will be to keep clean over time. After all, there'll be soap and shampoo suds hitting the shower curtain, probably leaving residue. All sorts of other sources of discoloration exist. Maybe after some time, this product won't quite be as white as when it first came out. So I'm thinking that maybe a shower curtain in a darker color would be more convenient, at least from a maintenance point of view. From an aesthetic point of view though, white really is lovely. It's clean, simple, light, even airy. And that takes me to the part about this shower curtain that the Viewtop label emphasizes.

Running near the top of the Viewpoint fabric shower curtain, there is a wide horizontal stripe that isn't made of the rest of material as the rest of the item. Instead, you end up with something that is transparent, sort of like plastic or cellophane, but presumably thicker and more durable. So that's what this shower curtain tries to do differently. That transparent area is high enough, so that whoever will be behind the curtain won't have to worry about privacy issues (unless of course the person outside's really, really tall), and yet at the same time, ideally, that transparent portion will allow more light to flow into the bath area. And if there're windows near that area, then you could even have some natural light making its way to you, while you shower, or hang around in the bathtub.

And it's an interesting idea. The kind of idea that makes this product stand out in my mind at least. A shower curtain which allows more natural light into a usually relatively darker space makes sense to me.

Just a few more things about the Viewtop fabric shower curtain. In the picture I'm looking at, this shower curtain is hookless. What this means is that, at the top of the item are holes, where you thread the shower rod through, the idea I guess being that this is more convenient since it takes away the need to fiddle with some way to attach the shower curtain to the shower rod. Greater ease of installation it seems. The description also adds that there's no need to remove the shower rod, in order to hang this curtain, which seems even more convenient to me, but I can't tell from the picture how that works.

All in all, this Viewtop fabric shower curtain looks pretty good to me.

I especially like the main premise behind the Viewtop fabric shower curtain. The idea that a shower curtain doesn't need to be completely opaque all throughout its surface in order for it to be able to do its job. In the case of this product, a portion of the shower curtain was made transparent at the top, but this was done so for a particular reason. It allows for more light to enter the shower stall, yes, and for taller people, it gives them more of a chance to take a peek at what's going on outside, if any.

The idea behind this can be used in other ways, I think. For example, it might be possible to have a shower curtain where the area which is transparent isn't found at the top, but at the bottom. You could basically have a sort of strip of transparent material running along the lower layer of the shower curtain. And this could serve a pretty useful purpose as well. Not so much if you're in the shower stall, though, but more if you're outside it.

Let's say you enter the bathroom and you're planning to brush your teeth. At the time you enter, the shower curtain is drawn closed. Now if you're a bit paranoid, you might be wondering if maybe there might be someone hiding behind that shower curtain. But then, if there is someone hiding there, you don't want to have to pull open the shower curtain because then you're right within grabbing distance. So a transparent strip at the bottom of the shower curtain would be great for this purpose. It'll allow you to take a quick peek, check for feet, that sort of thing, and if you verify that things are all clear, then you can go back to brushing your teeth in peace, and with a feeling of security and privacy.

At the same time, the strip whether it ends up running along the top or the bottom of the shower curtain, doesn't need to be transparent at all. Of course, if it were transparent, it would be easier for light to go through it, and for someone to look through as well. That said, if there are privacy concerns, then it would be possible to have something translucent instead, so that you sort of have an idea of something behind the layer, and light can sort of but not fully shine through, so there is still some of that benefit.

Again, I think the idea behind the Viewtop fabric shower curtain does show some promise.

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