Fabric Shower Curtain by Roxy

I was online earlier today, and I came across something called a Coconut Floral fabric shower curtain by Roxy. Sounded pretty interesting. Not just any fabric shower curtain, but a Coconut Floral fabric shower curtain by Roxy. The whole coconut floral thing made me think.

This fabric shower curtain by Roxy, was it covered by coconuts? Or flowers? Do coconut trees have flowers? What does these flowers look like? I mean, I’ve seen coconuts. And I’ve seen coconut trees. But I can’t ever remember seeing flowers on these trees. I mean, they have those palm leaves or fronds, but not a coconut flower at all.

So I tried to take a closer look at the curtain. I learned that it’s actually made of 100% cotton. Interesting. So I’m thinking, does that mean that the shower curtain breathes? Sort of how cotton shirts allow for more breathing compared to some other fabrics? But if it breathes, does that affect the ability of the shower curtain to repel water? It sounds interesting though. I like the idea of having a shower curtain that’s completely impermeable to water so that I don’t have to worry, while I’m in the shower, about water getting out of the shower area, drenching the rest of the bathroom. But at the same time, I kind of like the idea of a shower area that’s not completely cut off from the ventilation outside. It can get pretty stuff after all sometimes. And anyway, there’s always the possibility of having a shower curtain lining on the inside of the shower curtain, and with a liner which completely repels water, then there isn’t as much of a need to worry about whether the shower curtain is completely waterproof. The liner pretty much takes care of the water. And that way, when it comes to the shower curtain, all I’ll have to think of is how it looks on the outside, and how it makes the bathroom look.

It’s mentioned that it’s okay to machine wash this curtain, which I think is cool. Much more convenient. It pretty much allows simply dumping the shower curtain into the washing machine, letting the machine take care of it, drying the sucker, then having it available again to put up in the bathroom. Again, it’s convenient, which is something that’s important to me.

Got to see a picture of the Roxy fabric shower curtain, which was interesting. At the very top of the shower curtain are the holes where the rings go in order to attach the curtain to the shower rod. Then near the top of the curtain is one layer which looks like some sort of pattern. The predominant color is something that looks like brown. The pattern itself looks fairly simple and geometrical. It looks like a lot of squares, reminds me a bit of graphing paper, except instead of green lines, the lines are more of a rustic red brown. And then, inside of each square, there appears to be something that looks like a circle, and it’s also the same color as the rest of the lines. Rustic red brown or something like that. So that’s the top area of the curtain. From the picture, it looks like there’re three layers to the curtain, or at least three layers can be seen in the image that I saw on a website online.

And then, at the bottom of the top layer, right above the second layer, there appear to be several brown circles. By brown, I mean, dark brown, almost black even, but not quite there. These dark brown circles form a single line, spaced out at distances almost the same as the holes at the top where the rings for the shower rod rings go.

Then there’s the second layer from the top. This layer is wider than the one at the top, and the predominant color is red, not quite bright red, and not quite dark red. It makes me think more of a rustic red, not shiny at all. It made me think of strawberries for a moment, but now I realize that strawberry red is brighter than the one on the shower curtain. So again, the background color for this particular layer is that shade of red. And in the foreground, there’s a pattern or graphics which show flowers, and what I assume are coconuts. But I really don’t see much coconut imagery here, or it just tends to get subsumed in all the other imagery’s flowers and leaves. These images appear to be almost black and white. So there aren’t any colorful flowers here, no green leaves. It’s basically more or less line art following the design of coconuts and flowers and leaves, all imprinted with the red color in the background. That said, there’s quite a lot of this line art in that layer of the shower curtain. It’s not a question of having a few flowers and leaves and coconuts surrounded by wide areas of red. Instead, it’s the line art which predominates.

At the bottom of this second layer, there’s a solid line, which looks about black, which separates it from the third lower layer of the shower curtain below.

Finally, there’s the third layer. It’s clearly the widest one, and from the picture I’ve seen, it seems that it runs all the way to the bottom of the shower curtain. The third layer is actually very similar to the second. Lots and lots of line art depicting coconuts and flowers and leaves. The line art done in what looks like black and white. The only difference here is that, where in the second layer, there was a striking use of red as the background color, in the third layer, there is no red, so the background color is the same light color used in the line art which covers this layer. My feeling is that, if a person were some distance from the shower curtain, what he or she would see would me more the sense of texture and lines, as opposed to making out actual coconuts.

All in all, this makes for an interesting fabric shower curtain product. There’s a lot going on, and if you’re into that, then great. Other people might find that the curtain is somewhat busy, but then again, from a distance, these layers resolve themselves more into texture so the shower curtain might not seem so busy in that context. Well, that’s it for now. Thank you for checking out this post about the coconut floral fabric shower curtain by Roxy.

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