West End Fabric Shower Curtain

The first type of product I'll look at is the West End fabric shower curtain. Now, first of all, the West End fabric shower curtain is produced by the company Nautica. The colors found on this shower curtain are ice blue, sand, and brown.

Now the West End fabric shower curtain is described as sleek, modern and sophisticated, and I have to say that I agree with those words. Usually I'm not a big fan of colors with all sorts of names which are supposed to lend a certain sophisticated air to the object being described, but in relation to this particular shower curtain, ice blue really is right. It's a particular shade of blue which, when I look at it, does give me the sense of something cool and refreshing. It's on the light side, not too heavy, just right. I'm not as sure about calling the other colors sand and brown because, well, to me sand is really just light brown. Anyway, when I look at the picture of this shower curtain, it looks like the shower curtain basically has two main sets of alternating vertical stripes, one in ice blue, and the other, I'm assuming in sand (since the brown is pretty light).

It looks like the brown on the West End fabric shower curtain comes into play in the form of a pair of thin dark brown stripes which run down the areas where the predominant background color is the ice blue.

And the overall effect looking at this product really is a light, cool feeling. True, it does seem to lean more heavily on the modern side, but I think this particular shower curtain wouldn't look too bad in a kid's bathroom either. I like the simple look of this shower curtain. No prints, no patterns, just lines and light color.

I'm sure I wouldn't mind having a West End fabric shower curtain over in my bathroom.

I was taking a look at a picture of this West End fabric shower curtain again, and I find that my eye is drawn to the ice blue color of this product. There's just something about that shade of blue which makes me feel all cool and relaxed, and it's quite a refreshing change, especially since sometimes the days can seem so hot.

The name of that shade of blue for the shower curtain really is appropriate. Ice blue, that's just an excellent name right there. It does somehow make me think of ice. Looking at the shower curtain reminds me a bit of what it's like to be experiencing a hot day, where the sun is shining brightly outside, the sky is cloudless so there's nothing to stop the sun's rays from hitting everything not in the shade, and the soil is parched, the asphalt looks like it's getting soft, there's a shimmering in the air because of the heat.

Outside, dogs are lying down, with their tongues hanging out. Grass is dry and getting a bit brown. People are either indoors, or seeking relief by fanning themselves, or maybe kids are running under sprinklers.

And then, in the middle of all that heat, you go inside your house where it's a little bit cooler. You make your way to the kitchen, you open the door and feel the cold air wafting out, the chill eagerly accepted by the pores on your dry skin. And then you reach in and grab an ice tray in order to prepare a pitcher of lemonade.

That's what I think when I hear the words, ice blue, and that's a little bit of what I feel when I find myself looking at the picture of this shower curtain.

Of course, a lot of this imagery might not be all that applicable in the context of a shower stall and a shower curtain. After all, even if this West End shower curtain's mostly ice blue in color, if you're inside the shower stall having yourself a long, warm shower after a long and tiring day, then cold, chill, and ice just aren't words that you'll be looking for to describe what you want to experience. You'll want a warm shower for an aching body so in that context, the ice blue of the shower curtain maybe won't quite make its mark, or be appreciated as much.

At the same time, when you wake up in the early morning, and you feel like you're freezing, a warm shower'll be what you're looking for as well. No cold shower for you. No having to shiver in the shower stall while cold water hits you, no feeling of having your joints lock up when the cold water douses your body. That wouldn't be quite a comfortable experience at all, so again, in that context, ice blue on a shower curtain maybe just won't cut it either, or at least will mostly be ignored.

But then again, that's also one of the nice things about this product. If you're into its color, or if you're just in the mood to appreciate the design, then that's fine, go ahead and do so. But if you're not at all in the mood, or if your mind is preoccupied by something else, then that's fine as well. No problem. There's nothing about this shower curtain that screams out to the world, asking you to take note of it or notice it. The design isn't garish or bold or loud in any way at all. In fact, it's more of a subdued design, with subdued lines and patterns, and a subdued color palette. So while it can loom large in your mind at times, it's also very much capable of blending into the background of your bathroom area.

So in that sense, this type of product can work for different types of people. It's flexible in that way, so it's not a product that falls into any particular type of user niche. Just about everyone can use and enjoy using this West End fabric shower curtain, I think.

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