Asian Inspirations Fabric Shower Curtain

Let me talk a little bit about the Asian Inspirations fabric shower curtain. The Asian Inspirations fabric shower curtain is a rather simple piece of bathroom fabric. The curtain itself is quite straightforward.

The Asian Inspirations fabric shower curtain has as its background color, more or less the color white, not a bright white, more of a subdued tone. So the shower curtain is mostly white. At the top of it runs a white strip, which is studded with the holes which will allow the curtain to attach to the shower rings, and through that, the shower rod. That strip with the holes, while also white, is of a different shade of white compared to the rest of the surface area. While most of the shower curtain is a fairly subdued white, the horizontal strip at the top is a bit of a brighter color, which allows that area to be separated visually from the rest of the curtain.

The rest of the shower curtain really is mostly one color. And then, in the form of a sort of grid, there are squares throughout the surface of the curtain. These squares are of a rather dark grey color. The squares themselves are not made of solid unbroken lines. Instead, the lines which make up these dark grey squares appear to be composed of dark grey squares which are arranged one after another, either horizontally or vertically. And when these small dark grey squares are arranged in that particular way, from afar, it looks like you have a dark grey larger rectangle. So actually, I made a mistake, these larger patterns aren't squares but are actually rectangles, made up of arrangements of smaller squares.

So you have these dark grey rectangles. And you have several of these running horizontally and vertically throughout the shower curtain. These rectangles are aligned with one another, so there's a sense that there's an invisible grid underpinning the entire design. Again, this more or less results in quite a subdued and simple, and somewhat minimalistic overall design. That said, each rectangle contains a design feature. And this is where the Asian part of Asian Inspirations comes in.

In black, and in some rather thin lines, each rectangle contains a piece of Asian calligraphy. The official description of this shower curtain says that these are Asian symbols. I'm not quite sure if these are Chinese or Japanese characters, or maybe something else entirely. But within each dark grey rectangle, you have one of these symbols. And under that symbol, there's an English word, which appears to be the English translation for the Asian symbol. Some of the words represented are love and tranquility. The idea here is to create a bit of a zen feeling, with the overall design

All in all, I more or less like the Asian Inspirations shower curtain. I can get behind the idea of something simple and minimalistic. I like the idea of the Asian theme as well. The design was carried out fairly well. All in all, there's not really much for me to complain about here.

So if you have a bathroom which is somewhat Asian inspired as well, then this shower curtain could very well go with it. Then again, that would depend also on the look of your Asian inspired bathroom. If it's the type of Asian inspiration which is more red, and rich, and lush, then this shower curtain might very well look somewhat out of place, and maybe a little bit underwhelming. But if your bathroom is Asian inspired more in the sense that you keep it clean, and minimalistic, and subdued, with a bit of an Asian sense, then this shower curtain may very well work out alright.

I'm not quite sure if this shower curtain would work out well in a more hotel type setting. The curtain itself looks alright, but I'm thinking it may not have enough of a look to it to suffice when you have a hotel which wants to impress guests who are staying there.

Looking at the curtain some more though, I'm thinking that maybe the design is a little too simple. Perhaps a little bit more detail could have been added, in order to make the shower curtain look more interesting overall. Maybe the rectangles could have been made up of something more intricate, as opposed to just the dark grey squares which make it up given the current design. And maybe the font for the English translated word could have been tweaked since I get the sense that maybe some other font might have done a better job for this curtain.

Then again, who knows? Maybe the current design would look great in a particular setting, or a particular bathroom, or in a particular light. It's just that from what I see, the more I look at this product, I find myself thinking that if you're look for an Asian Inspirations fabric shower curtain, then maybe you can find some other product which would do a better job.

I do like the idea of the use of Asian symbols though. I'm thinking that design unit could be used in other shower curtains, in other ways. Maybe if the Asian symbols were to be given some color, or used in a different size. Maybe fewer, bigger symbols. Or smaller but more numerous symbols. There's a lot of room here for other ideas, just with the Asian symbols alone.

So that's what I think so far about this particular shower curtain. It's not bad at all, and I like the clean, minimalist, look and design to this curtain. I also like the idea of using some Asian inspired design elements. That said, I think it could have turned out better than it eventually did. Maybe some tweaking might have helped. Maybe a font change. And while this shower curtain won't necessarily work well in every bathroom out there, I can imagine that it might work well in at least some houses. So again, that's the Asian Inspirations fabric shower curtain for you.